Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different than PSEO?

While there is opportunity to earn articulated or dual credit with some courses at CTECH, students are not enrolled as full or part time college students. Students will remain full time Rochester Public School students at their home high school and continue to take coursework at their neighborhood school while attending a block course at CTECH.

I’m interested in taking courses at CTECH, how do I get started?

Students register for CTECH courses through their home high school registration process. Use the course registration guide to review the courses offered in the CTECH Pathways and add them to your registration card. 

Most introductory coursework will be offered at the comprehensive high schools. Students will attend CTECH once they have completed the prerequisite coursework for the higher level, specialized classes within the pathway.

I don’t have my own transportation; can I attend a class at CTECH?

Transportation is provided between the neighborhood high schools, the alternative high school and the CTECH campus on a block schedule. Students are able to provide their own transportation, but it is not required. Due to limited parking at the RCTC-CTECH campus, we recommend taking district provided transportation.

How does the schedule work?

CTECH courses are offered on a block schedule. There are 3 blocks offered daily. In most cases, students will attend their home high school for their core, required coursework and take one block class at CTECH. Time for transportation has been built into the CTECH daily schedule. Students will still be a part of their neighborhood school.

If I don’t start coursework in 9th grade am I eligible for CTECH?

Yes! Students may begin coursework for CTECH at any time during their high school career. If you want to get to the higher level course work, it is best to begin in the pathway as soon as possible. In some cases, students may be eligible for higher level coursework due to experiences outside of school.