Interested in getting involved at CTECH?

Our community plays an important role in our Career and Technical Education Programs, and we value how that role positively impacts our learners as they achieve success within their chosen pathways. Below are a few of the ways you can assist our program and students at CTECH. 

If you are interested in helping or getting involved, please contact Kari Sikkema or call (507) 328-5780.

Join the Advisory Committee

The CTECH Advisory Committee is an essential component to Career and Technical Education Programs. We need a variety of experts to serve on our advisory committee. The CTECH Advisory committee meets approximately twice during the school year. There could be special projects or initiatives that require more time, but would be voluntary based on need and the availability of board members.

Join the committee by contacting Brandon Macrafic.

Become a Guest Educator

We enjoy partnering with professionals to bring the workplace to our classrooms. We’re always seeking experts that want to share their knowledge and skills with our learners. We’ll connect you with our instructors to align an area of expertise to the standards that are being taught in our courses. Help our students apply their learning to practical situations through case studies, projects or a specific skill.

Host a Tour

Does your business or workplace desire to help students learn and grow with hands-on experiences directly within their field of study? Hosting a student tour might be a great opportunity for you to share your industry with learners. 

At CTECH, we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities for our students to engage with the community and learn outside of the classroom.  We believe exposure to post-secondary and workplace settings will give students a glimpse into what their future training and career could look like.  Students are able to see firsthand how what they are learning about in classes plays out in a business, industry, or educational environment.

Become a Mentor

At CTECH, our mentors are trusted and experienced professionals who have a direct interest in the development and education of young people.  Mentoring is an opportunity for mentors to share their expertise and passion for their work with an eager, young learner. Through the  mentor-mentee relationship, students are able to make a connection with a professional in their desired field.  Through this partnership, students are able to ask questions, learn “trade secrets”, and have a professional to support them as they continue to progress through a career pathway.

All mentors must complete an RPS background check prior to working with a student.

Make a Donation

Each of our career pathways requires unique training materials. We appreciate the support of our community to ensure we’re able to educate our students with the most up-to-date equipment and materials. Thank you for considering donating equipment or funds to our programs.

As CTECH enrollment and career pathway options continue to grow, so do our learning space needs. We are conducting a fundraiser to transform our commons area into a flexible learning space with portable presentation capabilities and student/staff collaboration spaces. If you would like to donate to this cause please email Brandon Macrafic or call (507) 328-5780.