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Courses Offered:

Machine Technology I

Students begin to understand the process of machining, including the operation of a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mill and lathe.

Machine Technology II 

Students continue to refine the machining skills learned in Machine Technology I and will have the opportunity to complete specialized projects.

Welding Technology I

Students learn to weld and cut steel in a lab setting, using Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) as well as plasma cutters and oxy-acetylene torches. 

Welding Technology II

Students learn to weld and cut both steel and aluminum in a lab setting. Students continue to use MIG and SMAW welders and cutting processes as well as Gas Tungsten Arc Welders (GTAW).

Equipment in the manufacturing classroom.
Equipment in the manufacturing classroom.

CTECH Students who successfully complete Welding Technology I and II and enroll in the one-semester, 16 credit RCTC welding program receive a tuition credit equivalent to three academic credits.