Sample Schedule for Students

CTECH courses are offered on a block schedule and meet for one semester. Students earn 1.0 credit per block course. The schedule includes time for travel between sites. Transportation is provided between CTECH, the Heintz Center, and each comprehensive high school and the Rochester Alternative Learning Center.

CTECH Schedule Options

Period Time
Periods 1-2 8:00 AM - 9:10 AM
Periods 3-4 9:52 AM - 11:02 AM
Periods 5-6 11:44 AM - 12:54 PM
Periods 7-8 1:34 PM - 2:44 PM

Sample Student Schedule

Period Class
Period 1 Home High School: Chemistry
Period 2 Home High School: American History
Period 3     [BLOCK] CTECH: Culinary Chef
Period 4     [BLOCK] CTECH: Culinary Chef
Period 5 Home High School: Algebra II
Period 6 Lunch
Period 7 Home High School: Spanish III
Period 8 Home High School: English III